Month: September 2020

Birmingham smart grid expert pointed out: “Stronger electricity transmission grids and HVDC interconnectors needed to support large scale renewable energy generation integration”

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang, Chair in Electrical Power Systems, Director of Smart Grid, Birmingham Energy Institute, University of Birmingham gave the invited talk entitled European Electricity Interconnections and Cross-border Electricity Trade: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges in the 7th Webinar of Clean Energy Ministerial Regional and Global Energy Interconnection Initiative, 26th Aug 2020. In this presentation, Professor

President of CIGRE and Chair of CIGRE UK sharing their insights on energy challenges and opportunities

Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE, and Adam Middleton, chair of CIGRE UK, shared their insights on energy challenges and opportunities with young engineers through an online webinar on 19th August 2020. There were nearly 70 people attending the event. The webinar is the first session of Birmingham Power Systems Young Professionals Seminar Series, organised by