Prof Xiao-Ping Zhang presents Birmingham proposal of effective integration of wind and wave energy at Cardiff Workshop

On 28th May 2019, Prof Xiao-Ping Zhang, Chair in Electrical Power Systems, Director of Smart Grid of Birmingham Energy Institute was invited to give the keynote speech at the 2019 UK-China Workshop and YESS Programme on

Electrical Technology and Energy Equipment held at Cardiff University where he presented the Birmingham proposal of effective integration of wind and wave energy systems to meet the global CO2 emissions target.

Prof Zhang and his team at the University propose integrating wind and wave energy generation so that the system’s overall power output becomes very smooth and can be easily connected to national power grids.

The proposal would do away with the need for expensive power converters and battery storage, overcoming the two major challenges of wave energy generation – efficiently converting irregular, slow, high-force motion into electrical power and making wave generator output power with acceptable quality to the utility network.

Professor Zhang commented: “There is great potential to integrate wind and wave energy Generation. With one million GW of wind energy available from total land coverage of the earth, just one per cent of this would meet global electricity demand – not forgetting that global wave power potential alone could be up to 10,000 GW.

“Our proposed integration solution would deliver significant economic benefits – reducing the amount of technology needed by creating a shared power delivery system for wind and wave farms and leading to significant savings in investment in wave energy generation.”

Prof Zhang added that Birmingham’s wind-wave energy integration strategy could work alongside the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization’s (GEIDCO) initiative to promote the sustainable development of energy worldwide.

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