Seminar: Feasibility Region of Optimal Power Flow: Theory, Numerical Methods, and Practical Applications

We would like to bring your attention to the following upcoming event organised by the University of Birmingham and sponsored by Birmingham Energy Institute and the IEEE UK & Ireland PES Chapter.

Event: Feasibility Region of Optimal Power Flow: Theory, Numerical Methods, and Practical Applications

Organisers: Birmingham Energy Institute and the IEEE UK & Ireland PES Chapter

Speaker: Professor Hsiao-Dong Chiang, IEEE Fellow, Cornell University

Host: Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang, University of Birmingham

Address: G33, Education Building, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK.

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The feasible region plays a fundamental role in solving optimal power flow (OPF) problems.  OPF solutions do not exist if the corresponding feasible region is an empty set. The geometry and characteristics of feasible region indeed affect the performance of OPF solution methods. In this talk, a comprehensive characterization for the feasible region of OPF problems will be presented. This characterization is computable and hence is verifiable. A numerical method for identifying the existence/non-existence of feasible solution for an OPF problem will be presented and illustrated on a 15,000-bus power system for OPF studies. Several applications of the characterization of feasible regions will also be highlighted

Speaker’s biography:

Prof Hsiao-Dong Chiang received the Ph.D. degree in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley. He was elected IEEE Fellow in 1997 and has been Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University since 1998. He and his research team have published more than 400 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings with H-factor 51. His current research interests include nonlinear system theory, computation, optimization and their practical applications to power grids and machine learning. He and his team have developed and installed on-line tools for power system monitoring, assessment and enhancements at more than 35 major power companies world-wide. He holds 18 U.S. and oversea patents. He is Author of the book “Direct Methods for Power System Stability Analysis: Theoretical Foundation, BCU Methodology and Applications”, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2011 and of the book “Stability region of nonlinear dynamical system: theory, optimal estimation and applications”, Cambridge Press, UK, 2015. He founded Bigwood Systems Inc. (Ithaca, NY) in 1995 and Global Optimal Tech. Inc. (Ithaca, NY) in 2000.

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