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Professor Zhang appointed as Foreign Fellow at the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

The Birmingham Energy Institute would like to congratulate Professor of Electrical Power Systems, Xiao-Ping Zhang on his recent appointment as one of the first Foreign Fellows at the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE). The CSEE is a national, academic organisation formed of leading researchers in electrical engineering related fields. Originally formed in 1934, today

Student Presentation Competition

Sponsored by IEEE UK & Ireland Section’s PES Chapter, a student presentation competition took place at the University of Birmingham on Thursday, 22nd November 2018. The event was hosted by the Chapter’s advisor Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang and Chapter’s communications officer Dr. Jianing Li. It was aimed to develop critical thinking, innovation, communication and pitching skills

Experts from the Birmingham Energy Institute highlight the future energy system development opportunities for smart cities

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang, a leading smart grid expert at the University of Birmingham, discusses the vision for future smart cities in an article entitled “Smart Energy Community – The Key of Smart Cities” by the IEEE. Smart cities will have a transformative effect on every aspect of our daily lives, they will have a positive impact

University of Birmingham leads the way in accepting Chinese ‘Gaokao’ exam

The University of Birmingham is the first elite UK Russell Group University to announce that it will accept the ‘Gaokao’ exam for high-flying Chinese students wishing to join its undergraduate courses in 2019. 英国伯明翰大学15日宣布,将从2019年开始接受中国高考成绩,由此成为英国顶尖高校联盟”罗素集团”中第一个认可中国高考成绩的院校。伯明翰大学发言人说,”中国学生是我们教学和科研中不可或缺的一部分”,明年开始,伯明翰大学将接受高考成绩均分80分(折算成百分制)以上并满足其他学术和英语语言要求的高素质学生。伯明翰大学在英国高校中排第14位,全球排名第79位。 Source:

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang presented the major breakthroughs in LCC HVDC in 2018 Global Energy Interconnection Conference held in Beijing, 28-29 March 2018

The conference attracts over 1100 guests from more than 30 countries and regions together in Beijing to discuss the development of GEI on the theme of “GEI from China’s Initiative to Global Action”. It has been a high-level event with far-reaching effects and fruitful results. 12 major innovative technical breakthroughs and research reports, including GEI

GEIDCO promotes energy interconnection, clean energy development with Britain’s Royal Academy of Engineering

LONDON, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) — Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) founded by China, on Thursday signed an MOU with Britain’s Royal Academy of Engineering in London. The two sides agreed to carry out joint research and share information on renewable energy and Global Energy Interconnection. The Royal Academy of Engineering also held

IEEE UK & Ireland Section’s PES Chapter Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the IEEE UK & Ireland Section’s PES Chapter took place on 11th of December at University of Birmingham. The event was hosted by the Chapter’s advisor, Prof. Xiao-Ping Zhang. During the meeting, the budget bid was discussed and compared with this year’s achievements. The Chapter managed to keep its financial

Welcoming the government’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan’, but challenges lie ahead

New plans announced by the Business and Energy Secretary this week to give homes and businesses more control over their energy use and support innovative new technologies, are a welcome and interesting move by the government. The plan outlines action the government, Ofgem and energy industry will take to remove barriers to smart technologies, including

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang attending the 2017 MPCE Advisory Board & Editorial Board Meeting Held in Chicago, USA

On the United States local time July 17, the 2017 Advisory Board & Editorial Board Meeting of Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE), was held in Chicago, simultaneously with IEEE PES Conference. Professor Yusheng Xue, honorary president of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and Editor-in -Chief of MPCE, presided over the meeting, with the attendance of over 40


新华社伦敦5月15日电  专访:全球能源互联网将把世界变成可持续发展的“能源村”——访英国伯明翰大学能源研究院智能电网负责人张小平 新华社记者温希强 英国伯明翰大学能源研究院智能电网负责人张小平教授日前接受新华社记者专访时表示,中国国家主席习近平2015年在联合国发展峰会上提出的构建全球能源互联网倡议,在解决全球变暖及推动全球能源供应可持续发展方面具有重要意义。 张小平说,2015年12月,联合国巴黎气候变化大会通过全球应对气候变化的《巴黎协定》,但当时这一协定缺乏达成目标的具体措施。 “习主席提出的构建全球能源互联网倡议实际上是一个可持续发展的全球能源供应路线图,为《巴黎协定》提供了具体的落实措施。”张小平说。 互联网改变了人们信息交流、知识传播以及商业经营模式,把整个世界变成了“地球村”。“同样,全球能源互联网也将改变能源贸易、能源资源配置以及能源商业合作模式,从而更有效地解决全球气候变暖问题,”张小平说,“全球能源互联网将把世界变成可持续发展的‘能源村’。” 全球能源互联网将构建新的合作平台。张小平举例说,欧盟委员会要求到2020年,所有成员之间的电力互联能力要达到本国发电能力的15%以上。英国目前有3个正在运营的超高压线路分别联接法国、荷兰和爱尔兰,另外还有两个互联线路也将于近期建成。 全球能源互联网还将促进创新。张小平认为,全球能源互联网建设将产生一大批新技术需求,如可再生能源入网技术、智能电网技术、能源存储技术等。这些技术又将带动基础研究和低碳技术等领域的突破。他说,低碳的全球能源互联网预计将是全数字化、电子化控制,建立这样一个全球能源互联网将给制造业带来巨大的商业发展机会,同时提供极佳的创新机会。 张小平表示,未来的能源体系应当既可以实现局部或区域性的可再生分布式能源共享,又可以实现全球性的大范围、大规模可再生能源共享。 “目前,学术界、业内及政府部门的许多人士都认同全球能源互联网这一构想。”张小平说。 为了推进这一构想,张小平认为,首先要建立类似能源联盟或能源共同体这样的全球能源治理体系;其次,要做好相邻国家之间的能源联接;另外,要根据现实需求和商业可行性,做好洲际能源联接。 针对近期一些西方国家出现的民粹主义及反全球化倾向,张小平说,全球气候变化带来的巨大挑战是任何国家都无法单独应对的,“全球合作是应对这一挑战的唯一出路”。 张小平还表示,“一带一路”倡议和全球能源互联网倡议都是由中国提出的,这两个倡议可以很好地衔接起来。他说:“‘一带一路’倡议带来合作、繁荣和机遇,而能源建设是基础设施建设的重要一环,是城市、国家、地区乃至世界发展的基础。” 原文链接: 转载: